Finding Our Heart’s Purpose

Led by Sarida Brown with Dances of Universal Peace from Karim Mike Hadden.


With many current challenges to our planet and our human family, it is reassuring that our Sufi teacher, Hazrat Inayat Khan, affirms that ‘life is a struggle’. He encourages us to continue with awareness: ‘How do the Sufis struggle? They struggle with power, with understanding, with open eyes, and with patience.’

Our Sufi path enables us to develop skills to ground, deepen and refine our being, finding inner peace and the capacity to realise and express our true nature. It is a gift to share in retreat with spiritual friends, gently supporting our awakening, each person in their special way, and realising the constant presence of the One truth, which Sufis call, the Spirit of Guidance.

We attune with breath, stillness and movement, concentration and contemplation, meditation and prayer, chant and dance, attending to our heart’s yearning to make a reality of unity and peace, inner and outer.

Note: Sharing 4 days in retreat is a unique opportunity to relax and deepen in our life’s journey. In case anything prevents your arriving on Thursday, we are offering the option of coming from Friday supper, so for 3 days.

Sarida been in the Sufi path since 1975 when she met our teacher Pir Vilayat – now succeeded by Pir Zia. She has held meditation classes since 1977 and since 1979 been responsible for establishing the Sufi healing work in Europe. She teaches and guides retreats for the Inner School and Inayatiyya Healing, and is an occasional guest teacher for New Rain Online.

Karim Hadden is a highly experienced leader of Devotional Singing and Dances of Universal Peace. He has followed the path of Universal Sufism in the Sufi Ruhaniat for many years, and also works as a Craniosacral therapist.


Venue: it is our joy to be at Kinnersley Castle
Food: delicious vegetarian (Kate is a great cook). Special diet + £3 per day.
Fees: all-inclusive of room, meals, teas, house:
4 days: Single room £500; Shared room £415; Camping £372
3 days: Single room £375; Shared room £330; Camping £279
Note: dcampers bring all own equipment and bedding.


1 Yurt and 2 Bell tents as doubles only, all-inclusive:
4 days: for both people together: £676 (ie £338 per person)
3 days: for both people together: £507 (ie £253 per person)
Includes bedding and lights.


Day attendance if you live out: Meals must be booked when booking for the retreat:
Breakfast, lunch, supper, drinks and work space: £60 per day.
Without breakfast: £52 per day.


Please request reductions if needed. We keep fees very basic in relation to our costs. If you feel able to make a further donation especially to help fund those who aren’t able to pay a full fee, it would be much appreciated.


Booking: via contact form here.
Travel: Kinnersley HR3 6QF is about 14 miles from Hereford. With 7 days advance notice, travellers can be met at Hereford train station.
Further information: via contact form here or here.

Previous experience in the Sufi tradition is not required: please come with your desire to release, value, and open to love, harmony and beauty.


‘God must become tangible... The work of the inner life
is to make God a reality, so that God is no more an imagination’

- Hazrat Inayat Khan -